Drug Free Clubs of America

Drug Free Clubs of America started in 2005 to help students make wise choices. Its mission is to identify drug free students, reward good choices, and empower members with effective prevention tools to keep them on the right track. It is designed as a "full circle" approach to drug prevention. By bringing together school, parent, and community efforts, members benefit from an overall positive sense of belonging at school, home, or in their community.

Who benefits?


Reduced drug use results in decreased crime and a more reliable youth. Businesses prosper by showi ng patrons that they are community leaders, invested in the next generation.


Enjoy the priceless peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is drug free and has a powerful safety net to
protect that choice under pressure.


Members of Drug Free Clubs of America are eligible for countless benefits. This includes not only the immediate rewards and perks, but also the long-term rewards associated with a drug lifestyle such as a reduced likelihood of addiction, better real ization of goals, and a more promising future.


Drugs affect a student's ability to learn. Students who use drugs are more likely to be violent, disruptive
and unsuccessful in a healthy learning envi ronment.

How does the program work?

  • Students choose to join and pay a membership fee
  • Their voluntary membership is kicked-off with a 10 panel drug test, taking only about 10 minutes
  • Testing is private and confidential; only parents are given the resu lts (or students themselves if they are an
  • Adult Education student); students who pass the test are given a photo ID membership card
  • Members can be called for random drug tests throughout the school year ·
  • Membership cards are revoked by Drug Free Clubs of America for those not passing the test
  • Membership cards can be used to earn rewards and privileges at school and rewards in the community

How can I get involved?

Give a corporate sponsorship toward the program

Offer a reward/incentive at your business to our students who show their membership card, for example:

  • Buy one /Get one free item
  • Percentage off retail sale
  • Free add-on item

Cash donations could be used for:

  • Motivational Rewards & Prizes
  • Testing and test services
  • Random test day giveaways

Hire our students/graduates who are members of Drug Free Clubs of America, and request the card when interviewing potential employees

Pilot Program – Harrison County, WV

The Bridgeport High School is the first school in this area to participate in this program. This program is intended and will become available at the 5 middle schools and 5 high schools in Harrison County, WV. The goal is invest resources, educate, encourage and motivate students to be drug free in today’s world. This investment in student’s life to be drug-free is shows we care about their success in family life, schooling, and careers as they enter the work force and world.

Where can I get more information?
On line at
Call: l -800-929-3322 (YAY-DFCA)